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ThermoFlex™ Sweat Band

ThermoFlex™ Sweat Band is a sweat band which is used a special resin (HUMOFIT®) as its core material which is stretchable with our body temperature.

The core material has temperature dependency and it gets softer when it is heated.

By combining soft stretchy fabrics, it is possible to fit to various head shapes and sizes.


Main Features

・It changes the shape with your body temperature at the same time that you wear the hats or the caps. It is stopped with your head size.

・The 55cm size hat is available until 60cm.  *Recommendation value of stretchable width is 5cm.

・It will reduce a headache and so on because it does not have pressure like hats with free-size elastic sweat bands.

・By reducing the types of hat sizes, you do not need unnecessary productions and the disposal amount is also reduced.

​*The core material gets harder when it is cold like winter, it does not matter with its quality. Please warm it by your hands and so on without pulling it forcefully.

Standard size : 33mm

MOQ : 100pcs

Color : Black, Gray  *Special order colors are available

Functional of the fabric (Polyester 100%) : Moisture-absorbing heat-generating, Moisture-releasing cooling, Antibacterial deodorizing, Antistatic, pH control, UV protection

Core material (Olefin resin) : HUMOFIT®

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