#18 Plastic eyelet

Material: <Main body> Polycarbonate

                 <Washer> Polyacetal

Color: White, Black, Navy, Translucent

MOQ: 3,000sets

Size: <Outer diameter> 11.5mm, <Inner diameter> 6mm

*You can select the color of the washer from white and black.​​


<Main Body>



​Buckle No.16 (with rivets)

Material: Brass (corresponding to needle detector)

Color: Antique Gold, Antique Silver

MOQ: 500sets

Size: ​​16mm×22mm

*15mm width of belts can be used

<Buckle (AG)>

<Rivet (AG)>

<Buckle (ASL)>

<Rivet (ASL)>

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