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We specialize in cutting and bending hat brims, making top buttons and size adjusters.
We handle many other parts related to hats, mainly resin parts.

Pressing machine

We have more than 70 kinds of core materials. Our machines are able to cut up to 15,000 pieces a day and can cut into the various forms with your chosen material.


Punching dies

We handle to a large number

of brim styles.

For example, hat, baseball cap, hunting cap, casquette, sports visor, work cap, etc.

3,000 types are available.




For 95 years, we have been utilized and adopted by a multitude of major sports brands such as Adidas, Mizuno, Descente, Asics, Zett, Lacoste, Nike, and more. Our consistency promises high quality and long-lasting products.

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