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Wires / Tubes

Product name : Shape memory polyethylene wire

Product No. : No.13000   (diameter : 1.4mm 1,400m/R)

                No.8000   (diameter : 1.1mm 2,250m/R)

MOQ : 1R~

Material : polyethylene 

Color : white/ black *Please inquire when you order black color.

<Details of the product>

Features : It can be bent or twisted easily by hands and excellent in keeping the shape. 

Compare with steel wire

     ・It hard to be causes of a scratch or a stab.

     ・It is possible to do incineration and hardly produce ash.


     ・It is easy to confirm a mixture of metals for food or medical products.

Principal use : mask, ribbon, toy, binding material, hat, Mizuhiki

Product name : Heat shrinkable tube

Product No. : 1.5Ф    shrink range (2.1mm→0.8mm)

                2.0Ф    shrink range (2.6mm→1.3mm)

                2.5Ф    shrink range (3.1mm→1.5mm)

                3.0Ф    shrink range (3.6mm→1.8mm)


MOQ : 100pcs~

Material : polyethylene

Color : translucent


Product name : Connection tube

Product No. : 1.5Ф (1.5mm X 2.1mm)

                2.0Ф (2mm X 2.6mm)

                2.5Ф (2.5mm X 3.1mm)

                3.0Ф (3mm X 3.8mm)


MOQ : 100m~

Material : soft PVC (vinyl chloride) 

Color : translucent


Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ form the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown on the site.

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